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10 Themes For Your Weekly or Monthly Bullet Journal Layout

10 Bullet Journal themes to use with your weekly or monthly layout

When I’m stumped for inspiration for my bullet journal layout, one of the first places I’ll go is Insatgram. With April around the corner, I need to decide what my theme for April is going to be. With the cherry blossoms blooming in Washington DC, I’m definitely leaning towards cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin.

While flowers, plants, and leaves are a popular choice in the bullet journal community, there’s lots of other options to consider:

1. Succulents

2. Flowers

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3. Leaves or Plants

4. Critters

5. Mushrooms

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6. Feathers

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7. Wreathes

8. Skylines

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9. Seasonal

10. Outer Space

What themes would you add to this list? What theme are you using for your April bullet journal layout? Let me know in the comments.

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