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Bridal Shower Vinyl Mugs


Since purchasing the Silhouette Portrait, I have been amazed at the sheer variety of things that I can make thanks to this relatively inexpensive little machine. As I try out more materials that can be used with the Silhouette, I have ventured into the world of vinyl.

My first project was a set of mugs I made as a bridal shower gift. I wanted to give the bride-to-be a personalized gift, and realizing that I had (as usual) left things to the last minute and wouldn’t have enough time to purchase a gift, I decided to make her a set of personalized mugs, with her and her fiancé’s names.

I played around with a few different designs, and eventually settled on the first option in the second row – a cursive font for the Mr. & Mrs. and a sans-serif font for the family name. The fonts, along with all the other products used to create these mugs, are listed at the end of the post.


I used red and black Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl as this seemed to be the most recommended kind to use with mugs and can take a bit of a beating. When used on mugs however, it is recommended that you only gently hand-wash the item, and definitely don’t put it in the microwave as the heat will melt the adhesive. (I also made a set of little stickers for the mugs to let the bride-to-be know that, as well as a little ‘handmade’ tag with their names on kraft paper using a white gel pen and the Silhouette pen holder.) And finally, I bought a pretty red box to place the mugs in.

For more on how to cut vinyl with a Silhouette machine and how to apply it to mugs using vinyl, check out these great tutorials:

All the tools I’ve used are listed below (full disclosure: I’ve included affiliate links where applicable).



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